A Husky with a Passion...

“Staying dedicated to service is often a difficult task to motivate yourself to keep up with. However, when it comes to HuskyTHON there is no lack of motivation for us, and all of UConn. HuskyTHON is an 18-hour dance marathon that raises money that is donated to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center to support very sick children. It is up to those participating to work as hard as they can to raise money for this event and the kids. That’s what this event is all about, the Children struggling in the hospital that we can support by taking a little time out of our days, going out of our comfort zone, working hard and reaching out in order to raise money to support them. When considering what little things we could do to make a big difference, it is easy to see how effective and worth it this event is, and how any support can make a huge impact.

Each year we have the honor of meeting one of these Miracle Children and spend the entire 18-hours dancing and having fun with them. Last year, our Miracle Child Kate, whom I hope I get to meet one of these days, stayed the entire 18-hours with the Brotherhood. Despite the struggle it can be for them, they come out and have an amazing time with us and on top of that, show us what it really means to show strength.

The brotherhood last year raised $10,000 and are aiming higher this year with a goal of $15,000. Despite how tough it may be to figure out ways to raise that amount of money for a bunch of college students, we do it anyways because it is for the kids.

This event is so much more than just a fundraiser. It is an opportunity to grow yourself, others, and make an incredible impact. While I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Kate last year, I can’t wait to meet our Miracle Child this year and dance 18-hour straight!”

-Jacob Fortin, HuskyTHON Chair


HuskyTHON 2019

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