FALL 2021?

For more information, check out our event schedule and FAQs below. Follow us on social media for further updates and to learn more about us!

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Info Session 

Watch our virtual information session and learn more about the fraternity and our brothers!

Info Session #1
Wednesday, September 8th, 6pm
Business Lounge

Come play volleyball with the brothers on the Alumni Court and get to know us a bit more while you're at it!

Speed Dating/Info Session #2
Monday, September 13th 
5:30 pm
Business Lounge

Have a 1 on 1 with us in a Speed Dating setting, switching every minute to a new bro! Info will also be given during the beginning of the event, so maybe sure to come by if you missed the first session!

Alumni Panel
September 11th
1 pm

Interested in hearing about our alumni and where they are today? Learn how you can improve your skills to be more competitive for jobs you want!

Volleyball with the Bros
Tuesday, September 14th 
5:30 pm
Alumni Volleyball Courts

Get the chance to meet the brothers of Psi Rho, finally live and in person for the first time in over a year! Expand your networking horizons and decide if you want to join the premiere developer of business leaders!

Committee Wars
Wednesday, September 15th
5:30 pm
Business Lounge

Learn about all the committees, chairs, and councils we have to offer in the fraternity! You may just find your future position!


What is rush?

Commonly associated with greek life, rush is a process that allows potential new members and the brotherhood to get to know each other. Business fraternities are not considered greek life, despite the greek letters, but we do have a similar rush process. During RUSH week, we will have seven events that allow the brotherhood to meet potential new members. We are looking for driven individuals who represent our core values. This is a great time for potential members to meet the brotherhood and vise versa. Our advise is to try and meet as many brothers as possible and really get to know them. We look forward to meeting you!

Who can rush?

Alpha Kappa Psi is a co-ed business fraternity open to students of all majors and ages. We take pride in our diversity and welcome individuals of all backgrounds.

Do I have to attend every rush event?

While it is not mandatory to attend all of our rush events, it is highly encouraged, as bid priority will be given to those that the brotherhood has been best acquainted with.

How can I recieve updates for rush events?

In the case that there is a change in schedule with any of our rush events, be sure that you are registered so that you can recieve updates directly. We will also have any updates posted on our website and social media pages.

What is a bid process?

Towards the end of rush we do have private "invite only" events. You will be notified by our Vice President of Membership if you have been invited to attend. If you are not invited to our private events, unfortunately that is the end of your rush process. At the conclusion of rush, bid letters will be handed out within a week. The VPM will also contact those who have rushed and notify them of their status with the fraternity - whether or not they have been extended a bid.

If I didn't get a bid this semester, can I rush again?

Yes! We encourage any rushes who did not get a bid to rush again next semester if they would still like to be a part of the Psi Rho chapter, as we are looking for dedicated, determined individuals.

What is pledging?

If you accept your bid, you will then begin the pledge process required in order to become a brother of Alpha Kappa Psi. We like to equate the time commitment of pledging to a three credit course. The work you do during pledging is completely different from what you learn in a class. It is an intense combination of career preparation and personal development which builds pledges into principled business leaders. Everything that we teach and do, every single brother has done before, and all of it has a purpose. Pledging has the dual effect of building confidence in career readiness, as well as fostering close friendships with your pledge brothers.

I have more questions, who should I reach out to?

You can either DM us on Instagram (@akpsi_uconn) or email

Can I be a part of another greek life association while in AKPsi?

Yes! You can be a part of other greek life organizations as long as they aren't another business professional. We always have a handful of brothers who are a part of other fraternity or sororities on top of being brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi.

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